The Langlois Lawyers team has a number of members with a particularly keen interest in France-Canada relations. The two countries have an excellent, direct trading relationship, and each year it is strengthened in terms of exports, investment, culture and tourism.

That is why we have created a team of seasoned lawyers who are intimately familiar with bilateral relations between these countries. We are able to provide sound advice to French companies that want to do business in Canada, and more specifically in Quebec, and we can also advise Quebec companies that want to do business in France. We have worked with several clients for many years, an eloquent endorsement of the quality of our services and the special care that we bring to maintaining good relations with our French clients.

We are members of the Chambre de commerce et d’industrie française au Canada, the France-Canada Chamber of Commerce, and other associations that promote relations between the two countries. To maintain our knowledge and our network, we travel to France regularly, and in particular to Paris, where we have numerous contacts among most of the leading actors in Canada-France relations.