Mergers & Acquisitions

Commercial sensitivity, efficiency, creativity and professionalism: over the years, Langlois Lawyers has applied these skills consistently to each client and each transaction, resulting in a track record of success. We represent both major international players in complex transactions and smaller companies in transactions that, although more modest in monetary terms, involve tailor-made legal strategies and remain significant for them.

Teamwork is one of the keys to Langlois Lawyers’ success. The firm’s lawyers work closely with the client and with accountants, financial intermediaries and other transaction advisors, where appropriate.

This spirit of close collaboration with the client, together with knowledge of the client’s business objectives and risks, enables the firm to execute any transaction in any industry and under any financial circumstances. The client’s business objectives and Langlois Lawyers’ extensive experience allow us to offer the best advice to decision-makers to help them achieve their goals.

Public companies

With respect to our services to public companies, Langlois Lawyers has a long track record of major transactions, including strong expertise in reverse takeovers (RTOs) and initial public offerings (IPOs).

On numerous occasions, the firm has advised clients on critical transactions involving multiple legal and financial processes and requiring the seamless orchestration of several legal disciplines to ensure that clients’ business objectives are met. These include going-private transactions, spin-offs, joint ventures, takeovers and statutory plans of arrangement.

Private companies

Our private transaction services offer Langlois Lawyers a wide range of opportunities to provide our clients with sound advice on the process of negotiating and drafting documents. Our lawyers’ dedication to client service, attention to detail and business pragmatism help decision-makers successfully complete their transactions. The firm’s services include cross-border transactions, asset purchases and sales, auction processes and restructurings.


  • Purchase and sale of assets or shares in various sectors;
  • Management buyouts;
  • Assistance with public offerings and private investments;
  • Joint ventures and strategic partnerships;
  • Advice on all applicable provisions to ensure compliance with the Charter of the French Language;
  • Governance advice to boards of directors of various companies in public or private transactions;
  • Starting a local business or setting up a base from another jurisdiction with the intention of coming to Canada;
  • Venture capital financing, equity financing and commercial loans;
  • Public and private financing of mergers and acquisitions;
  • Mergers and acquisitions of private and public companies;
  • Defences against takeovers;
  • Negotiation and drafting of various agreements in connection with reorganizations, mergers and takeovers;
  • Contested transactions, including hostile takeovers and proxy fights;
  • Participation in the establishment of joint ventures;
  • Approval processes with the relevant authorities;
  • Family business transfers;
  • Drafting shareholder agreements;
  • Drafting applicable agreements and negotiating outsourcing arrangements in various sectors;
  • Drafting all related agreements, such as employment agreements for executives and senior management, stock option grants and stock option plans;
  • Capital restructuring.