Community Commitment

As a law firm with a human touch, we encourage our team to use their legal skills for positive change in their community.


Social commitment

Logo Fondation Marie-Vincent - Anglais

Because today’s children embody tomorrow’s leaders, we focus our social responsibility efforts on children supported by the Marie-Vincent Foundation.

Since 2013 we have been committed to this Foundation, which shares the human values cherished by Langlois lawyers. Its mission is simple: striving for a world without sexual violence towards children and adolescents. To achieve this goal, the Foundation raises money to finance services for victims and support for their parents and families, as well as research, prevention and training initiatives.

Danielle Ferron, a partner at our firm, sits on the Foundation’s board of directors, while Katherine Loranger, also a partner, is a member of the Young Leaders’ Circle of the Foundation, a group of Generation Y young professionals who pool their knowledge and varied skill-sets in order to raise awareness of the Foundation’s mission.


Environmental commitment


We place particular importance on environmental protection, by supporting concrete initiatives such as the Bourse du carbone Scol’ERE.

This carbon-trading exchange is the first initiative to compensate for greenhouse gas emissions in an educational environment recognized by the CRIQ, Quebec’s centre for industrial research. This initiative promotes and makes available an educational program encouraging young Canadians to change their lifestyle habits and quantify their own greenhouse gas emissions. These emissions can then be purchased by organizations, in the form of Educative Carbon Credits (Crédits carbone éducatifsTM) to compensate for their greenhouse gas emissions and thus finance new workshops in the classroom.

Julie Belley Perron, a partner in the business law group at our firm and head of its energy industry and environment group, was named an ambassador of this carbon exchange in September 2018.


Legal commitment


In order to facilitate access to legal advice for all, we are proud to be a major partner of legal clinic Clinique juridique Juripop since 2018.

This organization’s primary mission is to ensure access to justice for all, the defence of social, economic and human rights, and access to legal services at a nominal cost for individuals who don’t qualify for government-funded legal aid but are still financially unable to defend their rights.

In addition to aiding ordinary citizens, Juripop has developed a number of unique programs in order to provide legal representation for not-for-profit entities and artists throughout the province of Quebec.

Juripop has also developed creative and innovative projects that disseminate easy-to-understand legal information, tailored to the most vulnerable segments of society, without charge. You can find its lawyers in the Berri-UQÀM metro station, in Montréal parks and in seniors’ residences in the Gaspé region, simplifying and explaining the law to those among us who are less fortunate.