Quebec’s 2022 Immigration Plan: welcome flexibility for employers in the manufacturing sector

December 22, 2021

This article first appeared in French in the December 2021 issue of the Journal des Parcs industriels of the Corporation des parcs industriels du Québec (the Quebec Industrial Parks Corporation).

The pandemic has not made recruiting either local or international workers easy for companies in the region. Many employers who initially relied on temporary foreign workers to fill their human resources needs have faced numerous obstacles before their recruits can join their work teams—difficulties partly related to the considerable lengthening of processing times by government authorities.

From idea to reality: planning a construction project from a legal perspective

December 21, 2021

This article was first published on Propulsion website, November 2021.

We have all, at one time or another, witnessed the poor execution of a great idea.

The first film adaptation of Frank Herbert’s masterpiece Dune, by David Lynch in 1984, is a prime example of this phenomenon—but the same thing can happen with construction projects.

How can we make it work?

Here are some elements that, while not exhaustive, can help limit the risks of failure.

Quebec returns to remote work to combat the Omicron variant: what employers need to know

December 15, 2021

At a press conference on December 14, 2021, the Minister of Health and Social Services, Christian Dubé, announced new public health guidelines in response to the rise in COVID-19 cases in Quebec and the arrival of the Omicron variant—a variant two to three times more contagious than the earlier Delta variant— in Ontario. Among other responses, the government is asking employers to encourage employees to work from home again. The Treasury Board has already instructed all its employees to work from home.

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Langlois joins three Québec Bar conferences this fall

September 10, 2021

Don’t miss the three major Québec Bar conferences that Langlois Lawyers will be taking part in this fall. Some lectures will be held in French only : National Conference on Class Actions (October 21), Rendez-vous de la gouvernance 2021 (November 10) and Recent developments in internal and regulatory investigations (November 18)

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