Crisis management and the heightened risk of insider trading and tipping

The circumstances arising from the COVID-19 pandemic is giving rise to unprecedented consequences in global securities markets. The unfolding crisis will likely give rise to material impacts to the business operations of many public issuers. Since most public issuers have deployed rapidly evolving internal crisis management operations, this dynamic situation may lead to greater dissemination of and greater access to material non-public information by internal and external employees and advisors. This makes it all the more important to establish and implement robust internal corporate controls and procedures.

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“Quebec on hold for several weeks1”: five considerations for long-term crisis management

Many businesses in Quebec are currently feeling a series of shocks as a result of the emergency measures implemented by governments to counter the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). Some are closed by government order or have had to lay off staff, while others are unable to meet their contractual commitments.

In this context, how can businesses navigate the COVID-19 crisis while formulating long-term strategies to ensure a prosperous post-crisis period and equip themselves with better tools to face the next crisis?

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Limiting the economic impact of COVID-19 on your business: planning for recovery

In response to the economic shock caused by the numerous public health measures to control the spread of COVID-19, the provincial government announced, on March 19, 2020, the creation of a $2.5 billion program to assist Quebec businesses.

In a matter of days, thousands of Quebec workers were confined to their homes, creating unprecedented logistical challenges for the province’s business leaders. While each industry will have its own unique challenges, all businesses will eventually confront a common problem. As soon as social distancing measures are lifted, each company will require a business continuity plan to enable it to relaunch its activities.

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Breach of contract due to the COVID-19 pandemic: a case of force majeure?

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly compromised the ability of many businesses and individuals to fulfill their existing contractual obligations. In some cases, those failing to carry out their obligations due to the pandemic – or the measures taken by authorities to contain it – could avoid civil liability on the grounds of a superior force or force majeure.

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