From its earliest days, Langlois Lawyers has attracted top lawyers to offer its clients innovative legal solutions. At the turn of the 20th century, our firm was already aiming for excellence. Today, we still maintain this tradition by offering high quality service.

Here is a brief look at the development of our law firm.




Attorney at law William Morin opens his law firm.





The firm welcomes Léopold Langlois as a partner. He developed a specialization in maritime law, an area that is still a hallmark of the firm today.





Raynold Langlois, the son of Léopold Langlois, joins the team founded by his father and launches his law practice. Renowned for his business acumen and his excellent market savvy, Raynold Langlois presides over the steady growth of the firm by bringing together the next generation of knowledgeable legal experts.





With the arrival of Richard Drouin, the firm becomes “Langlois Drouin Laflamme Roy Fréchette Gaudreau.”





The firm gets the new name: “Langlois Drouin.”





The firm welcomes new partners and is once again renamed: “Langlois Trudeau Tourigny.”





Merger with the firm “Trahan Leduc.”





The firm undergoes a new merger with the labour law office formed by Robert Dansereau Barré and becomes “Langlois Robert.”





Merger with a firm specializing in maritime law led by Richard Gaudreau.





Following the appointment of Michel Robert as Québec Appeal Court judge, the firm becomes “Langlois Gaudreau.”





Merger between the firm “Kronström Desjardins” of Québec City and “Langlois Gaudreau” of Montréal and Québec City. The new law office rises to become one of the largest in Québec under a new name: “Langlois Kronström Desjardins.”





The firm gets the new name: “Langlois Lawyers.”




Merger with the firm “Fraticelli Provost.”