Emerging Companies

At Langlois Lawyers, we are proud to support emerging companies and start-ups.

As a leader in this area, we know how to work with business builders and protect their interests. Thanks to our contacts and expertise, the firm has the necessary tools to quickly respond to the needs of entrepreneurs or promoters.

Our professionals are well aware of the energy and boldness that drives entrepreneurs, and we know how to channel this energy to bring their projects to fruition. Our firm will guide you with insight to meet the challenges and seize the opportunities specific to this crucial stage in the life of a company so that you can grow and prosper.

Our firm offers a wide range of legal services that are perfectly tailored to emerging businesses and start-ups. We provide these companies with the benefit of our expertise in corporate and commercial law, taxation, financing, capital markets and labour and employment law. This expertise, acquired over years of assisting well-established companies, is put to good use in fulfilling the mandates entrusted to us by our emerging business and start-up clientele.