Antoine Bigenwald and Jean-François Vézina to Give a Conference Presentation on Payments in the Construction Industry and Legal Hypothecs

Professionals who act as construction economists or estimators in Quebec will be able to find out more about the issues involved with payments in the construction industry and legal hypothecs, thanks to a presentation to be given by Antoine Bigenwald and Jean-François Vézina at a conference organized by the Quebec association of construction estimators and economists (AEÉCQ) on March 1st in Montréal.

Their presentation will cover an often neglected facet of the practice of some professionals that is however of great importance for sound project management. More specifically, participants will be able to improve their knowledge through a close consideration of the following topics:

  1. Liabilities associated with analyzing requests for payment, certificates of payment and monthly letters to banking institutions;
  2. Everything you wanted to know about legal construction hypothecs but were afraid to ask;
  3. The risks for the project owner or contracting authority of paying too early or too late.

To find out more (in French only), click here.

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