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Lexpert Leading Canadian Lawyers in Global Mining 2017

October 20, 2017

Langlois lawyers is proud to announce that Mylany David and Michel Jolin, both partners at the firm, are recognized as leading lawyers in the Lexpert Leading Canadian Lawyers in Global Mining special edition published at the end of September, 2017.

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Words Fade Away, but Recordings Remain: the Admissibility into Evidence of Audio and Video Recordings

September 28, 2017

The extraordinary advances in technology over the last decade have made it increasingly difficult to determine where the right to privacy begins and ends. Through the lens of a cellular phone, the watchful eye of a surveillance camera or the inquisitive ear of a hidden microphone, this fundamental right appears to be increasingly eroded. Today a conversation can be routinely recorded without any particularly sophisticated or cumbersome equipment. In civil law however, many questions remain about the extent to which one’s privacy can be thus invaded.

Execution of Out-of-Quebec Judgments: No Smokescreen Allowed

September 25, 2017

In Povylius-Simpson v. Povylius, 2017 QCCS 2996 (appeal pending) the defendant had misappropriated the property of his incapacitated mother in Ontario. The mother’s heirs sought judicial redress and recovered the mother’s property, but needed to enforce the judgment in Quebec in order to recover a cottage located in that province.

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