Victory in Superior Court

On September 27, 2010, in the matter of Yves Gougoux et al. v. Alain Richard (S.C. No 500-17-036017-070) the Quebec Superior Court granted a motion to have a litigant declared quarrelsome. Raynold Langlois, Chantal Chatelain and Fabrice Vil successfully represented the applicants, who were being subjected to abusive and vexatious legal proceedings. The judgment is of particular interest for clients, as a declaration of this kind circumscribes, with a view to preventing abuses, the right of an individual to bring legal proceedings.

In his reasons for judgment, Justice Jean-François De Grandpré accepted Langlois Kronström Desjardins’ position that it was justified, in the interest of the respondent Alain Richard, the administration of justice and the public in general, to limit the right of Mr. Richard to sue any individual, be it in a civil or criminal matter or before a tribunal subject to the superintending and reforming power of the Superior Court.