Good to know – pay equity obligations for employers

Quebec employers should know that significant changes to the Regulation respecting the report on pay equity (RPE) came into effect on October 24, 2019. 

Rather than requiring a RPE to be completed annually, the Regulation now requires employers in good standing to produce a RPE at the following interval: 

  • Annually, until they declare that they have completed the initial pay equity exercise;
  • Subsequently, when they carry out the pay equity audit within their enterprise (every 5 years). 

Thus, after having certified that they have completed the initial pay equity exercise or the pay equity audit, employers will be exempted from producing the RPE until their next audit. 

In addition, please note that the online tool Progiciel – a tool offered by the CNESST which allows to perform the various calculations necessary for the initial pay equity exercise and the pay equity audit – was recently updated. The modifications to the Pay Equity Act adopted on April 10, 2019, were incorporated in the tool. Employers may therefore refer to it again.