Jean-François Gagnon

Lawyer, Partner - Montréal

Québec Bar 1987
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Jean-François Gagnon is the Chief Executive Officer of Langlois lawyers, LLP and the head of the firm’s insurance law group, one of the most predominant such practice groups in Quebec.

Jean-François is particularly active in the area of high-level commercial litigation. He also devotes a major portion of his practice to issues of governance and strategy. He is able to draw on his extensive experience in complex litigation in matters involving directors’ and officers’ liability, construction law, professional liability and insurance law.

He is highly knowledgeable in matters of corporate governance and regulatory compliance, and particularly adept at developing business solutions for his clients. He is regularly retained by insurers in connection with the development of new products, risk assessment and determining whether or not coverage applies.

Jean-François also has extensive experience in professional liability matters, having acted in files involving the liability of directors and officers of financial institutions, lawyers, architects, engineers, and professionals in the medical and hospital fields. He frequently acts in disciplinary matters in cases involving issues of ethics and deontology and other aspects of professional law.

Representative Work

Fonds des architectes du Québec
Provided legal advice in connection with a large number of claims made by condominium owners alleging a design defect. The appeals involved a dozen architectural firms.

9124-4541 Québec Inc. et al. v. Intact Assurance
Successfully contested a claim by Intact’s insured following a fire in a poultry processing plant. Despite the insurer’s insistence that restoration measures be taken, the insured failed to do so. The latter nevertheless maintained that their loss of clientele and the progressive deterioration of the premises were attributable to the insurer, from which they claimed over $8 million. This matter involved the obligations of the parties to an insurance contract following a loss, including the obligation to act in good faith and the insured’s obligation to minimize its losses. The importance of this latter obligation, discussed at first instance, was emphasized by the Court of Appeal.



Press Releases

Other Publications

2018 – “Confidentiality of internal documents – Recent decision departs from Solmax ruling”, co-authored with Léonie Derome, published in Canadian Lawyer InHouse magazine, March 2018

2017 – Government indemnification versus indemnification by the industry: the two must learn to cohabit (“Indemnisation du gouvernement face à celle de l’industrie : une cohabitation devra se développer”), Journal de l’Assurance

2017 – “Montreal city report”, Canadian Lawyer

2017 – Insurers are liable for communications issued by their distributors on their behalf, lawyers warn (“Les assureurs responsables des communications émises par leurs distributeurs en leur nom, préviennent les avocats”), Journal de l’Assurance  

2017 – Technology’s assault on the law (“La technologie à l’assaut du droit”), Les Affaires

2017 – Intact Insurance prevails at the Court of Appeal against a poultry processor (“Intact Assurance gagne en Cour d’appel contre une entreprise de transformation de volaille”), Journal de l’Assurance

2015 – “Contrat de réassurance: notions et principes” (Reinsurance policies: concepts and principles) and “Les ententes de réassurance” (Reinsurance agreements), in collaboration with Valérie Lemaire, in Sébastien Lanctôt et al., Le contrat d’assurance de dommages et le contrat de réassurance: sujets choisis (Property and casualty insurance policies and reinsurance contracts: selected topics), Montréal, LexisNexis


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2017 – Analysis of E&O and CGL policies

2017 – All-risks insurance policies: nature of coverage, exclusions, extensions of coverage and settlement of claims

2017 – Compliance guide for damage insurance brokers

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