Our Team

Félix Bernard

Lawyer, Partner

T +1 438 844 7809


I am convinced that Quebec’s future is in the hands of its entrepreneurial base. That is one of the reasons why working with entrepreneurs motivates me so much – the other being that entrepreneurs are determined, intelligent and profoundly interesting people! I work primarily with businesses that have made rapid progress and now need to manage their growth, particularly where financing, relations among shareholders, contracts with their customers and major suppliers and the protection of their intellectual property are concerned. I also help young businesses that want to strategically consolidate their position in the market by acquiring competitors and entering into joint ventures early in their corporate life. I like to think that my added-value sits not only on thorough legal advice but also extends to participating in strategic decision-making. 


I am fascinated with inventions and new technologies. My practice gives me the opportunity to collaborate with creative and dynamic entrepreneurs on bringing their projects to fruition, which often involves managing their relationships with customers, suppliers, investors and other business partners. 

I enjoy contributing to the development of my clients’ entrepreneurial projects, not only on the legal level, but regarding other aspects as well, such as marketing, long-term strategy, human resources management, etc. In my spare time I enjoy Ultimate Frisbee, cycling and camping. I also keep a blog on subjects of interest to entrepreneurs on the website conseiller-juridique.ca. 


Charles Lapointe

Lawyer, Partner

T +1 418 650 7016


An avid skier and mountain-biker, I am always ready for new challenges that force me to leave my comfort zone. Possessed of a strong entrepreneurial streak, I work on a daily basis with a clientele composed primarily of start-ups and SMBs, which gives me the opportunity to collaborate directly with entrepreneurs and gain in-depth understanding of their needs. 

With a keen interest in new technologies and innovative enterprises, my practice focuses primarily on technology law and commercial litigation. 


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