1. What fees does the L-inc. Project charge?

We are aware that new businesses often have limited financial resources to spend on legal services and we encourage these businesses to allocate their resources optimally, by investing primarily in their product and their know-how. 

Our fees take this reality into account and that is why we offer you set rates that are predictable. Payments can also be spread out over a fixed period. 

Contact a member of our team for more information on our personalized offer of services.

2. How to choose a business lawyer?

Choosing a lawyer to represent your company is an important decision that can have numerous long-term repercussions. 

A good lawyer will adapt to your business vision and introduce you to others. 

Would you like to know more about the members of our team? 

Contact us to schedule an appointment with one or more of our professionals to discuss your project, your business, and your expectations. This will help us assess whether you can join L-inc. Project.

3. What is incorporation?

There are three business structures in Quebec:

  • Sole proprietorship
  • Partnership
  • Corporation 

There are advantages and disadvantages to each of these business structures, but the major asset to incorporating is that it creates a separate legal entity. Incorporation, however, is not suitable for every situation and we recommend that you discuss it with one of our professionals. 

The basic elements when incorporating are as follows:

  • choice of jurisdiction (provincial or federal)
  • search and reserve a corporate name, articles of incorporation, share ownership, government filings
  • shareholders and directors register, by-laws, etc.
  • GST/QST 

For assistance, please contact our dedicated team.

4. What is the L-inc. Project?

The L-inc. Project is a referral program specially created for fast-growing new businesses that offers quality legal services at prices they can afford.

Each business selected for the L-inc. Project will be supported and advised by Langlois Lawyers with the experience and expertise needed to respond to their needs. Businesses will also benefit from several hours of legal consultation and a mentoring program with executives from well-established Quebec businesses.

5. How can I join the L-inc. Project?

Contact a member of our team now to discuss how you can participate in the program. Please contact one of our lawyers or by email at info@langlois.ca.

6. What does the L-inc. Project have to offer me?

  • Top quality legal advice;
  • Direct contact with a specialized team aware of the needs of young entrepreneurs;
  • Advantageous rates;
  • Mentoring opportunities with entrepreneurs already well-established in Québec.
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