Sean Griffin and Daniel Baum publish an article in InHouse magazine on Canadian courts’ jurisdiction over multinationals’ conduct aboard

Sean Griffin and Daniel Baum, respectively partner and lawyer at Langlois lawyers, recently published an article entitled “Stretching the long arm of the law?” in which they provide an overview of two recent decisions that illustrate Canadian courts’ may be increasingly willing to assume jurisdiction over civil claims brought by foreign plaintiffs against Canadian multinationals operating abroad. 

“These decisions are significant precedents for Canadian multinationals operating abroad. They each reflect Canadian courts’ increasing inclination toward accepting jurisdiction over civil suits brought by foreign plaintiffs, who would otherwise be required to pursue their claims in a deficient, corrupt or unfair foreign judicial system. As these cases proceed toward hearings on their merits, the implications for Canadian multinationals operating abroad – especially in countries with weak human rights records or where there is no independent rule of law – could be widespread.”

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