Rapid screening tests for private-sector enterprises

On February 17, 2021, Quebec’s Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux (hereafter “MSSS”) announced that, under certain circumstances, private-sector enterprises can obtain rapid COVID-19 screening test kits.

While workplaces dealing with an outbreak will continue to receive support from public health authorities, companies that want to have a supply of rapid tests on hand to allow them to react quickly if an employee presents symptoms can apply to the MSSS.

MSSS will take various criteria into account before providing the tests to a company. For instance, applicants will have to demonstrate that all health measures recommended by public health authorities are in place and are being strictly adhered to.

For more information on the rapid test kit requirements, we invite you to check the Quebec government’s web page at Quebec.ca/rapidtests.

While all employees doing office work are still required to work from home until further notice, news of the availability of rapid tests for businesses that request them will reassure workers whose presence is essential to their employer’s continued operations.

Please contact a member of our Labour and Employment Law team for any questions on this matter.

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