Real Estate Litigation

The Langlois Lawyers Real Estate team is composed of professionals with a diverse range of experience. We prefer to take a pragmatic approach to litigation cases that is tailored to our client’s needs and, advocate judicious use of legal proceedings. The depth and breadth of our team’s experience ensures that we have a strong practical and legal knowledge base and an excellent understanding of the business situations encountered by stakeholders in the real estate industry, whether as owners, co-owners, lenders, investors, syndicates of co‑owners, developers, landlords, tenants or property managers.

We can assist clients in dealing with:

  • Contract disputes;
  • Disputes arising from agreements for the purchase and sale of real property;
  • Disputes between franchisees and franchisors;
  • Disputes relating to commercial leases;
  • Remedies relating to hypothecs;
  • Various real estate disputes, including cases involving injunctions, seizures, and other extraordinary remedies.