Municipal Law

Several members of the Langlois Lawyers team specialize in the legal framework applicable to municipalities.

Our expertise is frequently called upon in municipal liability matters regarding the enforcement of statutes and regulations (Municipal Powers Act, Cities and Towns Act, Civil Protection Act, Act respecting Land Use Planning and Development, and so on) and civil liability in connection with those aspects relating to municipal activity on the political and operational levels.

Our collective knowledge in this area is bolstered by the participation of our team’s members in discussion forums on important and fundamental issues for the municipal sector, such as the agglomeration or reconstitution of certain municipalities, and the revision of various statutes (Act respecting Land Use Planning and Development, Municipal Powers Act, and so on).

The expertise, experience, and political acumen of the members of our team make them highly sought-after strategic advisers on all issues relating to municipal governance, particularly in high-profile matters covered by the media.