Competition Litigation

The Langlois Lawyers team is retained to represent a host of companies operating in a variety of industries in local, national and international markets. One of our focuses is litigation services in class actions that involve allegations of anti-competitive conduct at the local, national and international levels, such as collusion, price-fixing, setting price ceilings or floors, or abuse of dominance, in both horizontal and vertical markets. We have the requisite expertise, skills and intuition to provide the best representation for our clients in this highly sensitive and strategic area.

Competition litigation has become a fact of business life and can have serious repercussions for a company from an economic, public or social standpoint. The fine points of modern business and the sophistication of business person, coupled with the signing of trade agreements, may result in a company facing allegations of anti-competitive arrangements or conduct, such as price-fixing, market or customer sharing, resale-price maintenance, limiting production or supply, and bid-rigging.

We are also familiar with investigations and proceedings initiated by the Competition Bureau of Canada. We advise and assist our clients at all stages of their operations, to ensure compliance and avoid potential litigation. If a dispute does arise, we provide our clients with guidance for resolving it or, if necessary, represent you in court or before a tribunal, in the event of an administrative investigation or in a class action or conventional lawsuit.