Government and Public Affairs

The Langlois Lawyers Government Affairs group advises all levels of government, businesses, and organizations on a wide range of regulatory, public policy, and legislative issues.

We support our clients in their interactions with government departments, Crown corporations, boards of directors, agencies, commissions, and local and international government organizations.

With their extensive knowledge and experience, the lawyers on our team are able to establish and maintain constructive relationships with municipal, provincial and federal governments. Some members of our group have worked in government, private sector, and para-public agency legal departments.

Private sector and public interest

We provide strategic advice on public affairs, and advocacy in financial services and in the technology, business, energy, Aboriginal law, telecommunications, health, education, professional, entertainment, and transportation sectors, as well as for other industries.

Public sector

We represent governments, municipalities, Crown corporations, and para-public agencies, performing analysis and research and acting as advisors. We are involved in drafting and filing submissions within the framework of parliamentary committees, as well as drafting proposals for legislative and regulatory amendments.