Banking Litigation

The Langlois Lawyers Banking Litigation team is highly experienced in regulatory and compliance issues, securities, mutual funds, financing and capital procurement, and commercial and consumer law. It has a thorough understanding of the legislative and regulatory frameworks around banking and financial institutions. The lawyers on the team have developed considerable expertise in banking and commercial litigation in the financial services sector.

We are able to represent financial institutions in all types of matters, including with regard to:

  • Taking security, including legal mortgages and their execution;
  • Actions in damages brought on the basis of allegations;
  • Fraud-related claims, including cheque and ATM fraud and other fraudulent activities;
  • Norwich orders and Mareva injunctions, and attachments before judgment to combat fraud;
  • Enforcement of security and mortgages on behalf of financial institutions;
  • Defending financial institutions in actions pertaining to letters of credit;
  • Challenges to fraudulent transactions, payments, and the disposition of assets;
  • The exercise of hypothecary rights.