The members of the Langlois Lawyers Real Estate Law team have experience representing the interests and rights of expropriated parties, whether they are owners, tenants, or occupants. Public authorities sometimes need an owner’s property to complete a project for the community. In that case, the law provides that the owner may not be compelled to transfer the property except by expropriation according to law for public utility and in consideration of fair compensation in advance.

We offer a complete range of services in this area of practice, including with respect to:

  • the legality of the public body’s right to expropriate or establish a land reserve;
  • the extent of your rights in an expropriation or the establishment of a land reserve;
  • legal and strategic advice concerning the advisability of negotiating with public authorities;
  • a recommendation as to the choice of an expert;
  • the preparation of a detailed claim or of a request to recover the amount of the compensation;
  • research into and analysis of the case law on the assessment of damages;
  • filing the detailed claim and negotiations with the public authorities involved;
  • representation before the Tribunal administratif du Québec or Federal Court as well as higher courts on appeal.