Disciplinary and Professional Law

The team of professionals at Langlois Lawyers has practised disciplinary and professional law since the Professional Code came into force in 1974. Our expertise in this area covers all aspects of professional law, including representation in disciplinary proceedings before disciplinary boards and other disciplinary bodies (for example, real estate brokers and members of police services do not belong to a professional order, properly speaking, but they are nonetheless governed by decision-making bodies and may be summoned before a board member, a chamber, or a self-governance body), and the Tribunal des professions, and also before the courts, in criminal cases involving illegal practice or unauthorized use of a title, or representation in professional disputes in the courts. 

We also have extensive experience in non-contentious matters, whether they call for legal and strategic advice concerning all of the functions and responsibilities of a professional order or representation in dealings with specialized agencies or government authorities. We can assist our clients in preparing briefs for submission in the course of public consultations by a committee of the National Assembly.

As legal counsel for various professional orders, we are also in regular contact with the Office des professions regarding professional orders’ internal regulations, and are thus able to keep abreast of and participate in developments in the law.

Whatever the service required, our team provides continuous support, critical analysis, and advice that is tailored to our clients’ needs.