Corporate Governance / Directors & Officers

To meet the needs of our clients, the professionals at Langlois Lawyers who specialize in governance draw on their extensive experience in major cases involving a broad range of legal issues in the private, public and parapublic sectors.

Our extensive knowledge and wide recognition in the field of corporate governance and regulatory compliance, as well as in devising business solutions, stand our clients in good stead. A significant segment of our practice is dedicated to governance and strategy issues, with the result that we are on the cutting edge of current practices and knowledge in this field and are able to represent clients in a wide variety of businesses and industries, including financial services, government, information technology, manufacturing, insurance, maritime and rail transport, education, labour and employment, health and real estate, to name just a few. We are regularly called on to act as special counsel to boards of directors and special committees.

The areas in which we can offer you services and advice include:

  • Advising on new issues and trends in the areas of liability, transparency and detailed regulatory review;
  • Advising on the requirements for presenting and disclosing material information such as in financial announcements, press releases and actions taken by board members;
  • Advising on the independence of directors or board members;
  • Assessing issues relating to directors’ and officers’ liability, indemnification and insurance;
  • Crisis management;
  • Dealing with issues relating to audits, executive and management compensation, and pension plans and employee incentive programs;
  • Determining the composition and structure of boards of directors and board committees and their procedure and governance programs and, if necessary, providing succession planning services;
  • Developing corporate policies and procedures, including codes of ethics, disclosure and information policies, and documentation for risk management purposes;
  • Evaluation by the board of directors of the performance of senior executives, and evaluation of the performance of the board of directors;
  • Formulating responses to allegations of negligence, civil liability claims, requests for disclosure of confidential information, and tax fraud allegations;
  • Litigation and issues relating to reputational risk;
  • Preparing for shareholder, board and committee meetings.