Langlois Represents American Clients in Contempt-of-Court Proceedings in Hamilton Ontario

The services of Langlois Lawyers were retained by Dish Network LLC and NagraStar LLC, two American telecommunications corporations, to intervene in a satellite-piracy lawsuit in Ontario. Danielle Ferron (authorized to act pursuant to an Occasional Practice Permit from the Law Society of Ontario) orchestrated the contempt-of-court proceedings in Ontario, following the contravention by one of the defendants of a final judgment ordering a permanent injunction and an award of damages.

On March 26, 2018, Danielle (assisted by Daniel Baum, Xin Jia Wang, Raphaëlle Alimi-Lacroix, Kris Koudounis and Lisa Cook) obtained a contempt-of-court judgment based on evidence establishing the guilt of defendant Kim Nguyen Dao beyond a reasonable doubt. Then, in a separate hearing on April 27, 2018, Langlois succeeded in obtaining a judgment sentencing the defendant to four months imprisonment and ordering him to pay $45,000 in costs. It should be noted that the two decisions, both rendered from the bench, referred in large part to Langlois Lawyers’ factum and the jurisprudence it cited.

Here is an excerpt from the press release entitled “Kim Nguyen Dao is found Guilty of Contempt of Court and Sentenced to Four Months Imprisonment and To Pay Costs” published on the website following the verdict:

“Plaintiff’s counsel, Danielle Ferron of Langlois Lawyers, argued that i) Kim Dao’s contempt was very serious, wilful, deliberate and a challenge to the authority of the Court, ii) there were no mitigating factors and iii) numerous aggravating factors. Furthermore, in the context of satellite piracy, in which there is an active piracy community that shares information about legal developments, both general and specific deterrence are particularly important.”

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