Langlois and Fraticelli Provost Confirm Their Unification Agreement

Montréal, August 28, 2017 – Langlois lawyers is pleased to announce that an agreement has been reached with law firm Fraticelli Provost to unify their respective practices. The majority of the members of Fraticelli Provost will consequently be moving to the Montreal office of Langlois lawyers effective September 1, 2017 and will continue their practice under the name Langlois lawyers. The 13 individuals involved consist of the following seven lawyers, four assistants, one paralegal and one student:

Lawyers: Richard R. Provost, Jean-François Vézina, David C. Roux, Régine Chanoine, Béatrice Boucher, Pascale Boucher Meunier, Karl Jérôme

Assistants: Louise Brisebois, Sylvie Douville, Chantal Mailhot, Jocelyne Proulx

Paralegal: Kathleen Baldin

Student: Alex Reid

This unification considerably increases the firms’ service offering to clients and potential clients, particularly in the practice areas of insurance law, construction-related litigation and professional liability. It also dovetails with the strategic development plan of Langlois lawyers, which calls for bolstering its team of legal professionals by recruiting the most talented practitioners in the legal services market, and cements its reputation as a leader in the Quebec business community.

“We quickly realized that we have natural affinities with our colleagues at Langlois lawyers, primarily our shared business culture based on the strength of inter-personal relations, the synergies of our respective areas of expertise, and our common concern to offer personalized service tailored to the needs of our clients”, stated Richard Provost, senior partner and founding member of Fraticelli Provost.

“Through this unification, our firm has increased its footprint in accordance with our strategic growth strategy in an increasingly sophisticated legal-services market. Moreover, it is a privilege to be associated with lawyers whose acknowledged experience and enviable reputation represent significant assets for Langlois lawyers”, added Jean-François Gagnon, the firm’s chief executive.

About Fraticelli Provost

Founded in 1996, Fraticelli Provost is a boutique law firm that has firmly established itself in the practice areas of construction-related litigation, professional liability and insurance law. The firm’s members prioritize a personal and adapted approach in accordance with their clients’ needs.

About Langlois lawyers

With more than 140 professionals working in the Montreal, Quebec City and Lévis metropolitan areas, Langlois lawyers is one of the largest law firms in Quebec, with a total of more than 225 employees, offering a complete range of highly regarded legal services in the areas of civil and commercial litigation, governance and ethics, labour and employment law, administrative law, maritime law, public and real estate law and business law. Langlois lawyers is ranked second among the top ten Quebec law firms by Canadian Lawyer magazine. 


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