Technology Law

The Langlois Lawyers Technology Law team is composed of lawyers whose services and advice deal with issues relating to business, technology and intellectual property. Our team includes both lawyers with several years in practice and young professionals who are very savvy when it comes to new technologies, with the result that our clients have the benefit of a judicious mix of experience, knowledge and innovation in a complex and constantly changing area of the law.

Our clients include companies of all sizes, both start-ups and established names, and both private and public, that have needs relating to outsourcing, acquisition and use, mergers, acquisitions and financing relating to information technologies. We advise company management and financial institutions as well as managers and in-house counsel having to address issues in this field.

The solutions and approaches proposed by our professionals cover legal and strategic advice connected with the IT services industry, disputes and litigation, electronic discovery, document management and storage, protection of personal information and access to information, governance and compliance, oversight of the use of IT in the workplace, and the rules governing public IT contracting. Our professionals can advise companies based in Quebec and elsewhere in the world, including under reciprocity agreements.

Our expertise relates mainly to the following areas:

  • Analysis, advice, and negotiating and drafting contracts relating to:
    • Development and implementation of applications;
    • Outsourcing of IT services;
    • Systems integration;
    • Data hosting;
    • Use and distribution licences.
  • Prevention, assistance, resolution, management and representation in connection with situations and relationships where conflicts arise.
  • Mediation, arbitration and litigation services in the following cases:
    • Litigation involving IT contracts;
    • Preservation and retention of evidence and user identities;
    • Protection of intellectual property rights (trademark and copyright infringement) in cyberspace and social media;
    • Protection of fundamental rights: reputation, image and privacy, in cyberspace and social media.
  • Advice in connection with directed document management in situations where litigation is likely (litigation preparedness).
  • Interpretation and transposition of the rules of procedure and evidence when applied to electronic documents.
  • Representation in disputes involving the identification, preservation, collection, processing, review, disclosure, production and submission of evidence in electronic form.
  • Analysis, advice and policy formulation in connection with:
    • The obligation to preserve electronic documents;
    • Implementation of “paperless” business processes, including the management of electronic signatures;
    • Protection of personal information;
    • Litigation preparedness;
    • Security of information assets;
    • Management of IT-related risks (confidentiality, integrity, access);
    • Management of risks related to the reliability of financial information;
    • Norms, standards and audits.
  • Advice and policy formulation concerning:
    • The use of computer resources in the workplace;
    • Identification with the employer in social media participation and communications.
  • Application of the rules governing the awarding of public IT contracts through the tender process.