Real Estate

The Langlois Lawyers Real Estate Law team is made up of professionals with diverse expertise and extensive, valuable experience. In fact, we have developed strong practical and legal knowledge, as well as a thorough understanding of the realities faced by stakeholders in this sphere, whether they are owners, co-owners, lenders, investors, syndicates of co-ownership, developers, lessors, tenants, or property managers.

We offer a complete range of services in this area of practice, including:

  • strategic advice, negotiation, and drafting of the required documents in relation to the acquisition, lease, or sale of immovables;
  • due diligence, examination, and issuance of land title opinions, negotiation of title insurance, and advice in relation to real estate brokerage;
  • negotiation as well as legal and strategic advice in relation to:
    • real estate development projects, including discussions with public authorities pertaining to zoning, the environment, the enforcement of municipal by-laws, as well as agreements concerning municipal services and the drafting of relevant agreements;
    • lending and borrowing, i.e., the drafting of relevant agreements and making loan security arrangements;
    • the drafting of commercial leases, co-ownership agreements, and surface rights agreements;
    • the establishment and management of a co-ownership, including relations between the co-owners;
    • the construction and operation of networks, notably in telecommunications;
  • the management of disbursements during the construction phase;
  • arbitration, mediation, and other alternative dispute resolution methods, notably in relation to commercial leases;
  • advice and representation pertaining to criminal offences, notably in relation to security in public buildings;
  • real estate and latent defect litigation;
  • legal and strategic advice, negotiations, and the drafting of documents pertaining to:
    • the agricultural, mining, water, infrastructure, and energy sectors;
    • the establishment of public-private partnerships.

In the areas of municipal assessment and taxation, we present the views and represent the interests of taxpayers, whereas in the areas of expropriation and land reserve establishment, we have strong expertise in representing the interest of owners, occupants, and expropriated parties. We maintain good working relationships with the representatives of local and government authorities as well as administrative bodies, so that you get the benefit of the firm’s credibility in dealings with them.