Health and Social Services

Our experienced and multidisciplinary health law team has a thorough understanding of health and social services system administration and of the legal issues that inevitably arise. We draw on this expertise to advise and represent a variety of clients from both the public and private sectors on often complex issues.

Our team has wide-ranging experience, giving us a comprehensive understanding of professional conduct and legal and ethical issues in the fields of health and hospital-based research. We represent different system stakeholders, such as healthcare institutions, professional organizations, professional unions, non-profit associations, insurers, and doctors. Our lawyers have expert knowledge of the major relevant legislation, including the Act respecting health services and social services.

Our team is regularly called upon to give opinions and represent clients in civil and administrative cases regarding:

  • governance issues, for healthcare institutions and public health authorities;
  • contracts entered into by public entities;
  • issues relating to consent to treatment and care;
  • intellectual property;
  • mental health issues (institutionalization and consent to treatment);
  • outsourcing of responsibilities of health system institutions;
  • development and real estate transactions, including construction law matters;
  • confidentiality of, access to, and correction of user records;
  • labour law, including collective agreements in the health system, and workplace health and safety issues;
  • professional liability.