Understanding the environmental legislative and regulatory framework governing corporations, projects, lenders and public bodies is critical to protecting the legacy left for future generations while taking into account the current climate of increasing competition.

The Langlois Lawyers team has the expertise to advise corporations and authorities alike on the methods and processes that should be adopted in various sectors such as energy, real estate, mining, and infrastructure.

Our services focus on the following aspects:

  • Legal and strategic advice as well as representation in the context of environmental assessment processes;
  • Representation of clients in all types of environmental litigation;
  • Preparation and drafting of permit and authorization applications submitted to regulatory authorities;
  • Environmental due diligence for commercial transactions (mergers, acquisitions, or financing);
  • Strategic advice in the planning phase of a project or during the course of a project;
  • Legal and strategic advice pertaining to soil contamination and decontamination;
  • Negotiations with interest groups and government agencies;
  • Assistance as well as legal and strategic advice in the preparation of environmental audit reports;
  • Management of requests for access to information in environmental matters;
  • Water, soil, and natural resource protection;
  • Issues relating to climate change, such as emissions trading, offsets and carbon pricing.

We capitalize on the effectiveness of our multidisciplinary approach, drawing on the pooled expertise of the members of our firm and developing strategic partnerships with professionals in related fields of practice in order to offer our clients the most appropriate and cutting-edge solutions.