Renewable Energy

Like national and local governments in numerous countries, Quebec has an obligation to commit to implementing initiatives to address climate change.

Whether the subject is electricity, natural gas (NG), biomass, carbon credits, wind energy, solar energy or energy storage, the professionals at Langlois Lawyers have the expertise required to advise their clients in complex cases that are subsidized by different levels of government.

We are recognized as a leader in renewable energy, with our lawyers participating in the development of a number of large-scale projects totalling more than 1000 MW and involving actors in the local, Aboriginal, government and private sectors. Our experience in respect of both regulatory and contractual aspects means that we are able to quickly understand the issues and provide clients in this industry with strategic advice.

Our lawyers can find business and legal solutions in the renewable energy industry in these areas:

  • Aboriginal issues;
  • Acquisition and disposition of renewable energy assets;
  • Development and marketing of clean technologies;
  • Environmental law;
  • Project development and financing;
  • Regulatory advice;
  • Tendering process.