The Langlois Lawyers Mining Law group puts its expertise to work for our clients in the mining industry, an industry that is governed by complex regulations. Prospecting and exploration, and the extraction, processing and transformation of minerals, call for thorough knowledge of the complete body of mining legislation and regulations, as does restoration of mine sites. We have acquired the necessary experience in numerous areas of practice through our participation in a complete range of transactions involving mining companies.

Our group’s expertise covers the following services:

  • Public and private financing, and debt and equity financing;
  • Project financing;
  • Corporate social responsibility (community and Aboriginal consultation);
  • Development of mining projects and construction of the associated facilities;
  • Structuring and negotiating joint ventures and agreements;
  • Mergers and acquisitions of public and private companies;
  • Environmental compliance and mine closings;
  • Mineral offtake and streaming agreements;
  • Securities law, including compliance and governance;
  • Acquisitions and dispositions of property;
  • Transactions on capital markets;
  • Option and joint venture agreements and strategic alliances;
  • Strategies and negotiating with governments;
  • Mining permits;
  • Verifying land, exploration and extraction rights relating to the properties in a project;
  • Agreements relating to mining-related intellectual property rights;
  • The creation and purchase/sale of royalties.