Nathalie Bénard

Paralegal - Montréal

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Nathalie Bénard is a paralegal in the Montréal office of Langlois Lawyers. She specializes in civil litigation, insurance and construction law.

Nathalie drafts correspondence and proceedings, organizes files, summarizes examinations, experts’ reports and other documents, verifies undertakings given during out-of-court examinations, makes enquiries, analyzes files and readies them for trial, assists lawyers in trial preparation, finalizes settlements and prepares bills of costs. She also prepares trial briefs, books of authorities, quantum tables and authorizations to obtain medical (or other) files, and handles access-to-information requests.

Nathalie does research and publishes documents at the Land Registry. She also performs research using search engines such as CAIJ, Azimut, the Enterprise Register and CanLII.

She has been a Commissioner for Oaths since 1985.


1990 – Certificate in Law, University of Montréal



Since 1985 – Commissioner for Oaths

Professional Associations

Since 2017 – Member of the Canadian Association of Paralegals (CAP)

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