Starting your career at Langlois Lawyers means choosing:

  • a climate that promotes excellence, where you can realize your full potential;
  • a stimulating environment where you will continue to learn and grow through coaching and teamwork;
  • a workplace that respects you and encourages you to get involved and develop leadership skills;
  • to partner with dedicated and reputable mentors

We are looking for more than just articling students; we are seeking colleagues, close collaborators and future partners. Take your first steps toward what we hope will be a long and fruitful career with our firm by getting involved as a summer student or articling student.

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We recruit articling students every year. These articling students are recruited in their second year of university and are eligible to begin articling after having completed their studies at the École du Barreau du Québec (Québec Bar School).

We choose our articling students–and they choose us–because we believe our new colleagues will quickly become part of our team and play an active role for a long time. We provide training, supervision and guidance for our young recruits with the goal of having them pursue a rich and successful career with us. Why use this approach? Because it is to our mutual advantage.

As soon as they arrive, our summer students and articling students are given a week of training. We show them the office, office operation, administrative rules and familiarize them with our computer equipment and software. We also teach them which work methods are best for interactions with internal and external clients, doing research, drafting documents, managing their time and using the resources at their disposal. This training is mainly provided by our lawyers.

Each summer student and articling student is unique and has his or her own ambitions. Each is given customized guidance, training and supervision. For this purpose, a mentor responsible for providing guidance and help on a professional and personal level is assigned to each summer student and articling student.

Summer students and articling students in our firm are thrust into the action. They participate in large cases by doing research, drafting proceedings and contracts, and accompanying lawyers when they meet with clients or go to court. They contribute to internal meetings and social activities. They must use their judgment and voice their opinion on files in which they are involved. Later, in their first year of practice, they take charge of their own files.

We seek candidates that show initiative, autonomy, people skills and ambition. We believe that the best way to develop such qualities in our recruits is to show our faith in them by giving them real responsibilities.

As lawyers in private practice, our primary objective is to provide the best possible service to our clients by answering their needs in an efficient, useful and pragmatic manner. Private practice is by nature stimulating and challenges us to excellence. Teamwork is very important and helping each other a necessity. Everyone’s door is always open and experienced lawyers are keen to provide guidance to more junior colleagues. Hierarchy is virtually nonexistent and the atmosphere at work is relaxed and friendly.

Being lawyers in private practice also means that we at times have to work exceptionally hard to serve our clients to address urgent or critical situations in bursts of intense and prolonged work.

Nevertheless, respecting everyone’s private life and the work-life balance are values we cherish. We promote these values with a reasonable and fair objective of annual billable hours that has always been met by our young lawyers.

Our summer students and articling students work in well-equipped and pleasant offices.

Our computer services, libraries, and technicians (paralegals, computer technicians and others) are here to support them in their work.

Our summer students and articling students receive competitive salaries.

Flexibility, recognition, kindness and mutual support are at the heart of Langlois’ corporate culture. For me, Langlois is the firm that offers the best opportunities for ambitious, talented people who want to thrive in a healthy working environment.

Alexandra Provost

Lawyer, Québec Bar 2023
Articling Student 2023, Student-at-Law 2022, University of Ottawa

During my run, I didn’t have to ask the question “What distinguishes you from other offices?”, simply because the Langlois difference was obvious. Langlois is a firm with human values, which puts the happiness of its professionals at the heart of its corporate culture, and is fully committed to the development of its young students and interns.

Michel Cobti

Lawyer, Québec Bar 2022
Articling Student 2022, Student-at-Law 2021, Université de Montréal

For me, it really was the human dimension that made the difference. It won me over to hear about the team spirit, the firm’s social involvement and the place given to innovation and entrepreneurship. It shows that Langlois is a committed firm and that there is plenty of room to develop our full potential.

Rachel Camiré

Lawyer, Québec Bar 2020
Articling Student 2020, Student-at-Law 2019, Université Laval

    Activity calendar

    • Université du Québec à Montréal

      • October 10, 2023: UQÀM Business Law Committee Launch Cocktail
      • January 23, 2024: Lunchtime Conference at the Faculty
    • Université Laval

      • September 19, 2023: Eloquence Evening at the Faculty in partnership with the Law & Public Speaking Committee
      • November 20, 2023: Wine-Meeting at the Faculty
      • January 22, 2024: University Career Day
      • January 29, 2024: Happy Hour (“5@7”) Event at our offices
      • February 1st, 2024: Absurd Debates Evening
    • McGill University

      • September 19, 2023: Tour of the Montreal office and Happy Hour (“5@7”) Event at our offices
      • October 5, 2023: Faculty Luncheon in partnership with the McGill Business Law Association (MBLA)
      • January 17, 2024: Lunch and Learn at the Faculty
    • Université de Montréal

      • November 14, 2023: Lunchtime Conference at the Faculty in partnership with CDAG (“Comité droit des affaires et gestion”) and Employment Law Committee
      • November 22, 2023: University’s Dean Luncheon
      • January 15, 2024: Annual CDAG (“Comité droit des affaires et gestion”) Cocktail at the MIL Campus
      • January 18, 2024: Annual AÉJD (“Association des é juif.ves en droit”) pre-Shabbat Dinner
      • January 24, 2024: Tour of the Montreal office
    • University of Ottawa

      • November 30, 2023: University Career Day
      • January 10, 2024: Virtual Activity in partnership with the AÉD (“Association des é en droit civil d’Ottawa”)
      • January 16, 2024 : Lunchtime Conference
    • Université de Sherbrooke

      • January 24, 2024: Masters in Taxation’s University Career Day
    • Other activities

      • October 28, 2023: Attendance at the Black Law Students’ Association (BLSA) Canada’s Civil Law Symposium Panel and Career Fair
      • November 9, 2023: Canadian Association of 2SLGBTQ+ Lawyers (CALL) visits our offices
      • November 10, 2023: Interfaculty Career Day at St-James Theater (for McGill University, Université de Montréal and UQÀM)

    Submit your application

    We are a signatory of the Montréal and Québec City Recruitment Agreements and thus participate in the “Course aux stages” process.

    Course aux stages 2024

    • Montréal
      • 5 positions in 2026
    • Québec City
      • 3-4 positions in 2026

    We invite you to submit your application between February 2, 2024 (9 a.m.) and February 5, 2024 (5 p.m.) via the viRecruit portal, as stipulated in the Montreal and Quebec City Recruitment Agreements.

    Our recruiting process

    • Montréal
      • First Interviews: March 11 & 12, 2024
      • Second Interviews: March 14 & 15, 2024, in person
      • Final Activity: March 20, 2024, in person
    • Québec City
      • First Interviews: March 12 & 13, 2024
      • Second Interviews: March 18, 2024, in person
      • Final Activity: March 20, 2024, in person

    The offers will be made on Friday, March 22, 2024, starting at 9 a.m.

    Heads of university recruitment