Procurement and Public Contracts

Procurement and Public Contracts

While the rules governing how municipal contracts are awarded under calls for tenders have existed for a number of years, the fact remains that they have become much more stringent and complex in recent years.

Our team has developed unique public procurement and contract law expertise. In addition, we effectively support you at every stage of public contract management.

Beyond professional experience, this proven expertise results from our concerted effort to ensure contracting best practices are adopted and enhanced, particularly by municipal and provincial government clients.

We offer a full range of services, including:

  • Opinions and advice to clients engaging procurement managers on all issues pertaining to compliance with the public contract awarding process
  • Opinions and advice on:
    • Preparing tendering and bid documents
    • Reviewing the eligibility and compliance of bids received
    • Assessing partner, supplier and contractor performance
    • Contract management, accountability and ensuring compliance with contractual processes
  • Reviewing contract management by-laws based on the particular circumstances of each organization and applicable government department policies
  • Representing businesses in court on all public procurement matters

Our contributions to furthering knowledge in this area include our lawyers’ wide range of publications and our public procurement LinkedIn group, which today has over 1,600 members.