Class Actions

Class Actions

Well entrenched in Québec and other Canadian jurisdictions, class actions pose potential commercial and reputational risks to virtually all aspects of an organization’s operations and affairs.

Over the past 40 years, we have acquired a wealth of experience in class actions and complex disputes with economic, commercial, strategic, political or social implications. We help clients mitigate the risks of a class action and vigorously defend their interests as respondents in such proceedings.

Our professionals draw on their prized experience to furnish proactive advice before practices or conduct are adopted or altered to attenuate risks and stave off events that could trigger a class action.

Where a class action is brought against a client, our seasoned professionals manage and safeguard the interests at issue in all areas of practice and expertise in industries across the board. Our team of professionals works tirelessly to safeguard your interests by vigorously challenging legal proceedings before courts and tribunals of all kinds and levels, or negotiating a settlement.

Our professionals’ industries and areas of strength include:

  • Air transportation
  • Civil liability
  • Competition
  • Consumer goods and services (terms, advertising and marketing)
  • Consumer law
  • Employment and labour law
  • Financial institutions and products (banking, payment cards, securities and insurance)
  • Manufacturing
  • Pensions and labour conditions
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Protection of personal information, and confidentiality and data breaches
  • Public and parapublic services
  • Securities
  • Telecommunications

These engagements, along with the expertise leveraged by our committed professionals, has enabled us to acquire specialist knowledge of the workings of class actions and the related business imperatives.

Our Litigation and Dispute Resolution professionals are often approached to give seminars, pen articles, comment on current legal events or serve on committees related to class actions, keeping them at the leading edge of developments in this fast-moving area of law.

In light of the special nature of class actions, which often play out on a national or even international stage, we maintain close ties with other law firms practising in this area in Canada and beyond. We leverage these strategic alliances to effectively manage actions involving interprovincial, national or international issues, and map out strong defence synergies.