Employment Law

Employment Law

Human capital is the lifeblood of any organization, but managing human resources comes with challenges for employers grappling with an increasingly complex labour environment. Scoping out the legal, economic, and human ramifications of these issues and developing sustainable solutions commands a pragmatic approach.

Our Employment Law team is devoted to representing, advising and supporting employers in all aspects of everyday HR management, such as resolving disputes, preventing conflicts or litigation, and defusing crises. Our reputable professionals provide personalized services to further your organizational goals via strategic support ranging from the routine to the highly complex. All our actions are built on communicating, conferring and delegating, as well as sharing and transferring knowledge.

When necessary, we represent employers before various tribunals and courts, including the Administrative Labour Tribunal, the other specialized tribunals, the Superior Court of Québec and the Court of Appeal of Québec. Our lawyers are prized for their deep dispute resolution experience, as well as their pragmatic, rigorous and strategic approach, and ability to safeguard your interests.

Backed by a longstanding nationwide network of lawyers, we are also able to advise and guide employers coast to coast.

We provide employment law services in the following areas:

  • Analyzing and advising on administrative or disciplinary measures
  • Analyzing industrial accident and occupational disease incidents
  • Analyzing and managing human rights and freedoms, and discrimination cases
  • Advising on employee obligations to act faithfully and with integrity
  • Developing strategies to address addiction in the workplace
  • Developing and reviewing human resources management policies
  • Conducting investigations into and providing strategic advice on psychological harassment complaints
  • Conducting investigations into and providing strategic advice on workplace climate cases
  • Providing occupational health and safety training, advice and policy support
  • Providing strategic HR advice of all kinds
  • Setting up and updating pension, benefit and performance pay plans
  • Preparing opinions and representations in applications requiring access to personal information
  • Preparing employment contracts, including drafting and enforcing confidentiality, non-compete and non-solicitation clauses
  • Constant monitoring of case law and legislative developments