Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

Governance has become a major challenge for businesses juggling with increasingly complex regulatory, transparency and accountability demands. Directors and officers must balance a growth agenda with compliance by adopting informed strategic management.

We are ideally positioned to serve as your partner of choice for legal and operational governance matters. We understand the regulatory intricacies at play and have acquired best-in-class expertise in addressing such matters. We remain at the cutting edge of current knowledge and practices in the area and can advise you proactively across a wide variety of industries.

Our approach goes beyond simply executing the law. By working closely with you to identify your specific goals, we help you create value for your organization. We regularly serve as special legal advisors to senior management. By offering strategic legal advice, we help you turn governance challenges into opportunities and make informed decisions that build trust with all stakeholders.

We offer a full range of specialized legal services addressing governance, including:

  • Board and board committee composition, structure, procedures and governance programs, and if necessary, succession planning
  • Executive performance assessments by the board and board performance assessments
  • Assessing issues relating to directors’ and officers’ liability, indemnification and insurance
  • Requirements for presenting and disclosing material information such as in relation to financial announcements, press releases and actions taken by senior executives and board members
  • Managing crises and strategic issues
  • Board member independence
  • Litigation and other matters involving for example shareholders’ claims and reputational risk
  • New trends in accountability, transparency, detailed regulatory inquiries and investigations
  • Preparing for shareholder, board and committee meetings
  • Corporate processes and policies, codes of ethics, disclosure and information policies, compliance programs, as well as and risk management
  • Issues related to auditing, management and executive compensation, employee pension and incentive plans
  • Responding to allegations of negligence, civil liability claims, requests for disclosure of confidential information and tax fraud allegations