Introducing our new brand

June 20th, 2024

We are proud to unveil the new corporate image of Langlois Lawyers. We revitalized our logo and redesigned our website to embody our strong presence in today’s business world and our unique, forward-thinking vision.

Langlois brings together more than 325 people, including some 175 legal professionals, in its Montréal and Québec City offices. With a vast array of knowledge and experience, we deliver proven services tailored to your unique needs. We understand legal matters can be overwhelming – that’s why we bring a human touch and an attentive ear to your every concern.

Some things change:

  • Colours and visuals that capture our essence and our position of strength in the legal landscape.
  • A website designed to enhance the customer experience.

Some things never change:

  • Our core strength. We’ll continue to give it to you straight, supporting you with tailored legal advice, and sophisticated, efficient and effective solutions setting you up for success today. And for the future.
  • Our dedication. Ensuring the long-term success of our clients drives everything we do.

We are catalysts for success, creators of solutions, visionaries. But above all, we are people and partners who are in it for the long run.


Mélissa R. Shriqui
T +1 438 844 7800
M +1 514 951 0553