Businesses today often face complex security challenges requiring specialized legal expertise. Our professionals have acquired unparalleled expertise and experience to meet all your security needs in Canada, the United States and elsewhere.

Recognized for completing the largest number of commercial and financial transactions in the security sector in Canada, we provide valuable advice to large companies, start-ups and growth companies operating in more than thirty countries around the world. Our diversified client base includes companies active in a wide range of sectors, including cash logistics, cybersecurity, investigations and passenger security.

Our range of action also extends to other players in the security sector, including financial institutions, airport authorities, specialist manufacturers and distributors, as well as IT and web partners.

Thanks to an in-depth understanding of the challenges facing the security industry, our lawyers provide strategic advice on interpreting legislation, obtaining permits, drafting commercial contracts, and creating joint ventures with Indigenous communities or consortia.

We also have a mastery of the issues related to federal and provincial lobbying rules, tendering, money laundering and fraud prevention, international economic sanctions, public safety and cybersecurity.