Governments, Public Services and Organizations

Governments, Public Services and Organizations

We are recognized for our expertise in public and administrative law and skill in meeting the specific and varied needs of all levels of government, public services and organizations.

Our multidisciplinary team is ready to address the diverse requirements of governments, municipalities, government corporations and parapublic bodies. With extensive experience in areas including business law, labour and employment law, litigation and dispute resolution, they are well-positioned to anticipate and efficiently resolve the legal challenges faced by our public sector clients.

Many of our team members have held key positions in government and parapublic agency legal departments. This unique experience gives us a deep understanding of the inner workings of government and enhances our ability to provide strategic advice.

We play an active and influential role in shaping the Québec and Canadian legislative and regulatory landscapes. For example, by drafting and presenting briefs before parliamentary committees, we contribute to well-informed public policy. Our work drafting legislative and regulatory amendment proposals showcases our commitment to upholding high legal standards while meeting the evolving needs of our clients in the public sector.

We take pride in our commitment to legal excellence and stand ready to help governments, public services and organizations achieve their goals while ensuring legal compliance and adherence to their procedures.