Construction and Infrastructure

Construction and Infrastructure

In the construction and infrastructure industry, project success hinges on managing legal issues and coordinating the various players. Specialized legal expertise is essential for dealing with such a wide range of issues and challenges.

Our Construction and Infrastructure group features a multidisciplinary team of professionals from major practice areas (business law, civil and commercial litigation, labour and employment law) with specific knowledge tailored to the needs of industry players (public and private project owners, operators, professionals, contractors, design-builders (traditional or progressive), construction managers, integrated teams, etc.).

The core of this group comprises dedicated professionals with various levels of experience who assist construction and infrastructure industry stakeholders daily in planning and ensuring the smooth execution of projects, as well as resolving related insured and uninsured disputes.

In recent years, our professionals have contributed to the success of numerous public and private projects of all sizes.

Our services include:

  • Strategic project planning, including with regards to the adjudication, execution and remuneration of collaborators, insurance and bonding programs, financing, real estate, urban planning, expropriation, permits and licences, environment, various regulatory bodies (public and para-public agencies, transit authorities, etc.), health and safety programs, particularities relating to of projects in the Far North and on First Nations territories, energy, transportation, procurement, intellectual property, governance, monitoring systems for private and public infrastructure, etc.
  • Risk analysis and drafting, reviewing and negotiating tender and other contractual documents, including coordinating the needs of management, technical and legal teams.
  • Managing legal issues, including providing advice on change orders, financial and schedule adjustment rights, compliance of services and works, payment requests, holdbacks, financial assurances and guarantees (legal construction hypothecs, surety bonds, etc.), claims, environmental issues and responsibility for project completion.
  • Preventing and resolving insured and non-insured disputes (compliance, financial and schedule adjustments, non-compliant or defective services or works, legal and contractual warranties (manufacturer, distributor, vendor, contractor, professionals, etc.), claims, termination rights, debt collection and contestation, Bureau des soumissions déposées du Québec, etc.), including representation before all competent authorities (mediation, arbitration, administrative tribunals and courts of law).
  • Offering accredited training courses on all project-related issues.