The Canadian Bar Review honours former Supreme Court Justice Louis LeBel

The Honourable Louis LeBel is paid homage by the legal community in the latest edition of the Canadian Bar Review (Volume 94, no. 3).

This special edition is pursuant to the symposium honouring Justice LeBel organized in October 2015 by the CBA–Quebec Branch (Colloque hommage à l’honorable Louis LeBel), following which the presenters were asked to submit articles for publication in the Review.

Justice LeBel’s influence on administrative law, private international law, solicitor-client privilege, labour law, the law of obligations and civil law is highlighted by the authors, including:

  • Paul Daly, who writes on the limits of the usefulness of language in administrative law, and on the role played by Justice LeBel in clarifying our understanding of judicial review.
  • Renée-Claude Drouin, Nicolas Pochet and Gilles Trudeau examine the role played by Justice LeBel in the constitutional debate about extending the protection of freedom of association to collective bargaining, reaffirming its importance as a fundamental right. 

You can read these articles and many others in the same vein by clicking here.

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