Adèle Poirier and Simon Chénard publish an article on short-term condo rentals in Copropriété Plus Magazine

Adèle Poirier and Simon Chénard, lawyers practicing in the area of commercial real estate at Langlois, recently published an article entitled “La location à court terme en copropriété divise” (Short-term rentals of condominiums), for Copropriété Plus Magazine, in which they discuss best practices when it comes to renting out a condominium unit on sites like AirBnB, VRBO, HomeAway, etc.

“In order to avoid problems in this regard, condominium owners should get together to determine if the building’s bylaws can be changed in order to prohibit or better regulate short-term rentals of units in their building. They should also consider the advisability of adding a penalty provision to the bylaws in order to discourage potential contraventions by their peers.”

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