Words Fade Away, but Recordings Remain: the Admissibility into Evidence of Audio and Video Recordings

The extraordinary advances in technology over the last decade have made it increasingly difficult to determine where the right to privacy begins and ends. Through the lens of a cellular phone, the watchful eye of a surveillance camera or the inquisitive ear of a hidden microphone, this fundamental right appears to be increasingly eroded. Today a conversation can be routinely recorded without any particularly sophisticated or cumbersome equipment. In civil law however, many questions remain about the extent to which one’s privacy can be thus invaded.

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The Best Lawyers® in Canada 2018

24 Langlois lawyers Listed in the 2018 Edition of Best Lawyers® in Canada
Best Lawyers® released the 2018 edition of its listing of the best lawyers in Canada, which includes 24 members of Langlois lawyers. One of them, Michel Jolin, was named “Lawyer of the Year”.. The firm congratulates all the members of its team who have distinguished themselves by their inclusion in this prestigious listing.

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Langlois’ Legal Tips : The Shareholder Agreement

You are an entrepreneur and a shareholder of a start-up corporation that you and your partners have created. You would like to have access to the minutes of meetings of the corporation’s board of directors and to the resolutions it has adopted, but you are not a member of the board.

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