The Post-Loss Investigation: the Insured’s Obligation to Come Clean

The law provides that following a loss, the insured is obliged to cooperate with the insurer during the latter’s investigation, to answer its questions and to inform it of all circumstances surrounding the loss.

The law also provides that any deceitful representation by the insured entails the loss of the right to be indemnified for the risk to which the misrepresentation relates.

The recent judgment in the matter of Anderson v. Intact compagnie d’assurances deals with the scope of the insured’s obligation to cooperate with the insurer during the latter’s investigation into the loss.

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Statutory Liabilities of Directors: Marking the Risk Areas to Avoid Sliding out of Control

In our last article, entitled “Beyond the Duties of Care and Loyalty … the Civil Liability of Directors”, we dealt with the civil liability regime that sanctions civil faults committed by directors. When damage ensues from such a fault, the victim is entitled to claim compensation.

Statutory liabilities are of a different nature. We touched on them very briefly in our article entitled “Duties and Obligations of Directors: a Brief Overview”. In this article, we will deal with them in more detail.

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Langlois’ Legal Tips : The Shareholder Agreement

You are an entrepreneur and a shareholder of a start-up corporation that you and your partners have created. You would like to have access to the minutes of meetings of the corporation’s board of directors and to the resolutions it has adopted, but you are not a member of the board.

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Launch of National Impaired Driving Prevention Week

The upcoming legislation to legalize the recreational use of cannabis, together with the arrival of spring that tempts us to venture out more, has prompted us to make all road users aware of the inaugural National Impaired Driving Prevention Week from March 18 to 24, 2018.

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