Cyber crime breakdown: introduction to cyber crime, privacy impacts, class actions, cyber-risk insurance and remedies against cyber fraud

Langlois lawyers invites you to join their experienced lawyers at this luncheon dedicated to cyber crime.


An overview of cyber crime, by Danielle Ferron
Discussion of what cyber crime consists of, some techniques used by cyber criminals, certain tell-tale warning signs, and a number of prevention methods.

Labour law: privacy and the reality of cyberspace, by Charles Wagner
Cyber security is currently a major issue for employers. While the threat may be primarily external, businesses should not overlook the activities of their own employees, particularly when it comes to the theft of confidential information or time theft. Advances in technology have given employers a panoply of new surveillance methods for monitoring their employees’ activities, which can however intrude on their privacy rights. While the legal subordination inherent in an employment contract effectively limits an employee’s privacy rights, it does not entail a renunciation of those rights.

Class actions involving cyber security, by Vincent de l’Étoile
The major innovations in the new Code of Civil Procedure, their impact on the conduct of class actions, the scale that such proceedings can now attain, plus a look at emerging risks and practical aspects of class actions that will influence the management of the litigation and its associated costs. Discussion of some recent class action cases involving cyber security.

Cyber risk insurance policies, by Jean-François Gagnon
Organizations now have to deal with a new type of risk due to technological advances and vulnerabilities in IT systems. Traditional insurance products do not adequately cover the potential risks posed by cyber fraud. The insurance industry has accordingly developed a new type of coverage for cyber risks. This presentation will explain the nature of that coverage and the issues it gives rise to in connection with the handling of claims. 

Potential remedies in the event of cyber fraud, by Danielle Ferron
In addition to an action for damages, perhaps accompanied by an injunction or a seizure before judgment, there are also exceptional remedies such as Norwich and Mareva injunctions and Anton Piller orders, which can be very effective tools against cyber fraud.

Venue and date
Friday, November 10, 2017

Bell Île-des-Sœurs
1 Carrefour Alexander-Graham-Bell, A7 
12 p.m. • Lunch 

12:30 to 2:00 p.m. • Conference

Limited places
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Please note that an application has been made to both the Quebec Bar and the Ontario Bar for accreditation of this conference as an eligible professional development activity.


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