The Comeau case: are we headed for liberalized interprovincial trade in Canada? The Supreme Court will soon decide.

The Provincial Court of New Brunswick’s decision in R. v. Comeau was rendered on April 29, 2016 by Judge Ronald LeBlanc in Campbellton, N.B. While it has not garnered a lot of media attention in Quebec, this decision, which is currently before the Supreme Court of Canada, could have a major impact on interprovincial trade, specifically in terms of liberalizing the market for alcoholic beverages, and generally on the powers of the provinces to legislate on imports from other Canadian provinces.

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Hindering the Work of an Inspector Acting Pursuant to the Environment Quality Act and Fines for Non-Compliance

Inspectors of the Ministry of Sustainable Development, the Environment and the Fight against Climate Change (the “MSDEFCC”) have broad general powers of inspection. Section 119 of the Environment Quality Act (the “EQA”) provides that “[e]very functionary authorized for that purpose by the Minister may at any reasonable time enter land, a building, including a dwelling house, a vehicle or a boat, to examine books, registers and records, or the premises, for the purposes of this Act or the regulations.”

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Organizing Publicity Contests in Quebec

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The organization of contests, draws and lotteries is subject to a number of legislative provisions which remain unknown to many. In this article, we explain the main factors to take into consideration if, in order to promote a product, business or other commercial interest, you are thinking of organizing and encouraging residents of Quebec to take part in a draw or other contest, all of which are generally referred to under Quebec law as “publicity contests”.

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