Arbitration and Mediation

Private methods of dispute prevention and settlement such as arbitration and mediation make it possible to resolve conflicts outside traditional court proceedings. These alternative methods are less formal and are generally speedier and less costly for the parties than if one of them applied to the courts.

Since these procedures emerged in Quebec, Langlois Lawyers has assembled a team of seasoned litigators who regularly represent clients before arbitration boards and guide them in mediations in a wide variety of cases.

To further assist the firm’s clients, we have practitioners with thorough knowledge of the broad principles underlying both domestic and international arbitration:

  • The autonomy of the arbitration process;
  • The flexibility and efficiency of the process;
  • Confidentiality, and the finality of the arbitral award.

Our team also includes accredited mediators. The broad experience of our team members enables us to advise our clients effectively not only on the merits of the dispute, but also on how to take full advantage of the benefits of the prevention or settlement method chosen.