Langlois Lawyers can handle all aspects of Canadian and international tax planning for all types of businesses, from private companies to multinational corporations. With their many years of experience in large-scale transactions around the world, our tax lawyers aim to find practical, creative and value-added solutions for our clients. The Langlois Lawyers tax team works closely with other colleagues at the firm to provide a team-based approach that is personalized to each client, whether private or public. Other law firms and accounting firms regularly seek out our tax expertise to serve their own clients more effectively. Over the years, the firm has built its reputation with four main types of clients:

  • Companies of all sizes dealing with acquisitions and divestitures, mergers and acquisitions, corporate reorganization, financing, recapitalization or succession planning;
  • Entrepreneurs, shareholders and their families looking to protect their assets, maximize available tax benefits and facilitate intergenerational transfers;
  • Private trusts and family trusts for the purposes of managing the disposition of assets, distribution or liquidation in favour of the beneficiaries, and the 21-year deemed tax disposition rule; and
  • Foundations or charities on a wide range of issues, including initial set-up and obtaining charitable status.

Thanks to our considerable legal and tax expertise, the firm also plays a leading role in tax-related debates, including before the Supreme Court of Canada, the Tax Court of Canada, the Federal Court of Appeal, the Quebec Court of Appeal and other relevant bodies, for any given tax-related issue.

Langlois Lawyers is always monitoring legislative changes and tax-related developments and works to design innovative, effective and customized strategies to meet the specific needs of our clients, all in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.


  • Consulting services
    • Analysis, planning, and study of the tax implications of various transactions, including:
      • Takeover bids or reverse takeovers;
      • Private investments and flow-through share financing;
      • Acquisition or exchange of shares;
      • Plans of arrangement or mergers; and
      • Stock option plans.
    • Legal advice and advance rulings on federal and provincial income taxes and Canadian goods and services taxes (GST, HST, QST).
  • Tax planning
    • Tax and estate planning in virtually all areas of economic activity, including the drafting and implementation of family trusts, asset protection trusts, discretionary trusts and trust wills.
  • Tax litigation

Representation before the courts on a wide range of disputes and issues, including audits by tax authorities, formal notices of objection, and appeals to the appropriate courts for clients, including private and public corporations, foundations, trusts, non-profit organizations and limited partnerships.