Federal, provincial and foreign governments alike have adopted a plethora of taxes, tax credits, deductions and incentives to either collect the revenues necessary for running the State or stimulate certain areas of the economy. Tax considerations are therefore important when creating an enterprise, deciding whether to hire an employee or engage an independent contractor, planning how your estate will be distributed, selling your business, getting married or separating from your spouse.

Our taxation law team can advise you on structuring your business affairs, planning a transaction, organizing your personal affairs so as to minimize estate taxes, or when you are caught up in a dispute with the tax authorities.


  • Creation, organization, amalgamation and liquidation of corporations, partnerships, limited partnerships and inter vivos trusts;
  • Advice and assistance regarding the purchase or sale of assets or an enterprise;
  • Advice on income, real estate and consumption (VAT) taxes;
  • Representation before federal and provincial tax authorities, at the audit or objection stage, and before the courts;
  • Motions for judicial rectification or annulment of transactions following the discovery of transactional or tax-planning errors;
  • Assistance in obtaining research and development tax credits or other credits available to businesses;
  • Contestation of property values entered on the municipal assessment roll;
  • Repatriation of foreign income;
  • Advice on tax treaties;
  • Voluntary disclosure;
  • Settlement of successions (estates);
  • Advice on paying or receiving an indemnity following termination of employment;
  • Professional liability actions against tax advisors for providing erroneous advice.