Tax Litigation

Whether in connection with an audit by the Canada Revenue Agency or Revenu Québec, an objection to an assessment or court proceedings, our team can advise you, negotiate with the tax authorities or represent you in court if you have a dispute with those authorities.


  • Negotiation of assessments;
  • Representation before Revenu Québec’s Objections Directorate (Direction des oppositions);
  • Representation before the Tax Court of Canada, the Court of Québec, the Federal Court of Appeal, the Québec Court of Appeal or the Supreme Court of Canada;
  • Deductibility of expenses, tax credits;
  • Characterization of income;
  • Assessments on a net-worth, cash-flow or index basis;
  • Scientific research and experimental development;
  • Consumption taxes (VAT);
  • Real estate taxes;
  • Tax shelters;
  • General anti-avoidance rule;
  • Contributions to benefit plans;
  • Tax relief applications;
  • Settlement of successions (estates);
  • Recovery measures;
  • Voluntary disclosure.